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For years I taught memoir writing classes in Southern California.  It was pure joy--because of my students.

 -  In one session a man read aloud from the memoir he wrote in class about buying his first home back in the '60s and helping to pay his mortgage by being a "secret diner" at a new restaurant called Jack in the Box.

 - From one woman came the amazing story of how she--at age 9--single-handedly rescued her parents and sisters in the Philippines during World War II.  

 - In yet another class everyone laughed at one woman's hilarious tale of the boys she dated in high school while looking for "The One".

None of these people would call themselves "a writer."  But, following the specific techniques I recommend, these people and hundreds more have unlocked memories of their pasts and actually wrote fascinating, short mini-memoirs-- literally in one day.  

You will receive clear step-by-step instructions and many examples to make writing your memoir almost effortless. 

You will learn:

- The best way to start a mini-memoir.

- The importance of your life decisions and turning points.

- Guidelines for writing about your family and friends as they were then.

- Which details are important and which you should handle with kid gloves. 

- How to write about unpleasant episodes, such as divorce, in your memoir. 

- How to avoid writing a boring memoir. 

- Who you should tell about your memoir and who you definitely should not. 

- How long a real memoir should be. 

- What to include in a travel memoir.  

- What you should add to your memoir in this digital age.

- How a memoir differs from an autobiography. 

- Plus detailed information about how to economically copyright and self-publish a memoir of any length.

Do not leave your descendants wondering who you were or, worse yet, forgetting about you altogether.

Now is the time for you to write a memoir to tell your grandchildren and their grandchildren about you, your life experiences, and answer questions they, no doubt, will have about how you lived and what life choices you made. 

You will become the Very Important Ancestor, the one they remember and talk about a hundred--or even two hundred--years from now.  Don't put it off.  Do it now.
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About Carol Lightwood
After graduating from Smith College, I worked as a writer and editor for my entire career. For several years I taught memoir writing at a California  Community College. Write Your Memoir in One Day grew out of those classes and my students successes using these techniques.

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